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  1. The group reading was awesome! Thank you Chris, what a wonderful experience. It was also so fulfilling to share with a group of kindred spirits. The enlightenment journey is endless and ever expanding and I am so blessed to share the journey in this space.
    Please do these again! I would charge for them and not worry about the timeline. I believe participants are content to share, experience and let be what will be ;-) Love you!!

  2. I had a great group reading and would easily pay for the next one. Chris is truly gifted in what he does and how he shares that information. I’m grateful for the very honest, real and informative reading I received from him. I was gifted with knowing my own abilities and that it wasn’t something I thought of. Even with giving me insight for own health, something I haven’t told anybody. Chris is one of a kind and a true blessed soul!


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