Opening the FRIDGE and just STARING.......

My name is Christopher LaPrath and I see dead people! AND things the dead fear! I communicate with 'people' on the 'other side' or who have passed on. Not always, because sometimes those dead don't want to talk to you or really have anything to say. PLEASE, don't take it personally! Come ON! I do that all the time with my LIVING FRIENDS. I go weeks or months not talking to people! So, give the dead a break! (Honestly, even when they were alive, did we always listen to them anyway?)

 But mostly, people open life's door and just stare, like opening a Fridge and looking for something they want, but don't know what it is! My work, and what I do, is to push them aside and grab the left over chicken, cream and Parmesan and make chicken Alfredo! Clients have told me that these messages bring more meaning, purpose and love into their lives and got them out of that catatonic staring state! They can give 'food' to their soul!

The shock of death, the mundanes of life, the worry, the sad and fearful moments all can cause the 'staring' moments in our lives. The dead get stuck in the same things! YA THINK WHEN YA DIE, EVERYTHING IS GONNA GET BETTER? ...... NOPE!
You just need to GO FOR IT and TRY something new, anything! NOW!

Life altering messages though don't have to come from someone you love that has passed. Most messages I give are from 'anonymous'. Maybe they are angels or guides or God... What IS important is the message!

You get those messages too! Step BACK from the fridge! NOTICE! There is NO such thing as SAMENESS in life. Each day is different.

I almost certainly guarantee you DO get messages! PAY ATTENTION! Stop staring like you are in a trance!
A thought may pop in your head totally unrelated to the recipe for dinner you were going over in your head. A bumper sticker, a license plate or a song on the radio contain messages just at the right time. STOP trying to left brain everything! Remember, the Universe is stranger than WE CAN KNOW! Just say 'thank you' for the message and desist from trying to figure out who it came from. It may make more sense down the road. Take what you got in that fridge and MAKE IT!

I was finished with a reading for a couple in their 30's and the man had lost his younger brother. The brother was at college and had fallen from a balcony. As I was walking out the door, I was told to tell the couple about the LILIES. I asked Nick, what Lilies meant to his family or to his brother and NICK did NOT have a clue. Finally, I looked up the 'metaphysical meaning of lilies' on my Google search on my phone. Lilies are flowers given on the second anniversary of someone's passing. Nick was shocked and speechless as his brother's two year passing anniversary had just occurred the day before. Nick knew without a doubt his brother was good!

USE the tools around you to look up meanings if your gut does not have a clue as to what they mean! (YAH! you can also look up recipes on Google too, using the ingredients in your fridge.)

When I was a kid I used to love to try and find 'hidden' things in pictures. Like, you would be looking at a forest and the directions to the game would have a 'list' of things to find... like a rabbit, a hammer,
a deer, etc etc...

It may have taken some time but I would always find most if not all of the things on the list. I would color in the ones I had found and it would cause the other missing things on the list to 'pop' out!

This took focus and time. This life is a JOURNEY. Think of it as a road trip!

You are on the road and you have to STOP and buy gas and go to the bathroom. Maybe we have a flat tire! You do not FREAK out because you Stopped, right? We all have periods in our lives where we feel like we have stopped... but we are on this JOURNEY and PLEASE, enjoy the trip, not JUST the destination!

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